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December 1, 2018 menus

KYOTO KITCHO Granvia launches a brand-new Kaiseki Course Cuisine

KYOTO KITCHO Granvia starts new course cuisine ‘KYOTO CHISHIN’ from December 1, 2018.
You can enjoy a Kaiseki course cuisine carefully prepared using fresh seasonal ingredients only in about 40 minutes, if you make a reservation in advance.

〇 ‘KYOTO CHISHIN’ Course [6 Dishes]
 JPY 10,000 ; including tax & service charge

* Special Lunch Course at Main Dining
* Except Dec. 31 – Jan. 3

京都吉兆 グランヴィア店「京都知新」京都牛すき焼き

* Menu composition may change depending on the seasons and availability.

Nigiri sushi
Grilled dish
Kyoto-gyu beef sukiyaki, freshly steamed rice and pickles

We could offer delicate Japanese cuisine using carefully selected ingredients, such as seasonal 3 kind of Nigiri sushi, and Kyoto-gyu beef sukiyaki.
We look forward to your visiting.

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