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Kyoto Kitcho accepts reservations by online through reservation form.
Please note our reservation and cancellation policy below.
Customers wishing to make a reservation must first check and approve this policy.

* Regarding payment by credit card, the following credit cards are acceptable.
American Express, VISA, Master, Diners, DC, UC, JCB, Saison, Million

* We apologize for the inconvenience, but we occasionally close temporarily due to the current circumstances.


Cancellation Policy

For previous- and same-day cancellations, we require a cancellation fee as indicated below. (Exceptions are made for unavoidable circumstances)

100% of the total cost
Previous day
50% of the total cost

If we are unable to make contact with you by 30 minutes after your reserved time on the day of your reservation, it will be considered a cancellation.

Privacy Policy

Management and Security of Personal Information
Our company will take measures to securely and appropriately manage personal information, using a server protected by a security system. We will endeavor to prevent the leakage of personal information and unauthorized access by external sources.