Kyoto Kitcho accept reservations by telephone or online through our reservation request form.
We have a Reservation and Cancellation policy as described below.
Customers wishing to make a reservation must first check and approve this policy.

* Regarding payment by credit card, following credit cards are acceptable.
American Express, VISA, Master, Diners, DC, UC, JCB, Saison, Million

By Phone
The following details are required when making a reservation request.
  1. Reserved Name
  2. Contact detail
  3. Reservation Date
  4. Number of Guests
  5. Preferred Course * Please see menu page for course and price details.
  6. Food Allergies and Preferences
  7. Purpose of Visit
By Online through Request Form

A reservation using Online through Request Form follows the procedure.

Please see RESERVATION POLICY for more information.


1. Reservation Policy

A completed request form does not constitute a confirmed reservation.
After receipt of a reservation request via this system, we will send the customer a reservation confirmation e-mail within 72 hours, at which point the reservation is confirmed.
Only after the customer reply to our reservation confirmation e-mail is the reservation secured.

In the event the customer does not respond within 72 hours of receiving our reservation confirmation e-mail, the reservation will be cancelled.
* Reservations can be made up to three days in advance, however, we recommend reservations be made well in advance, especially in the busy seasons of spring and fall.

2. Confirmation Policy

We will contact the customer to reconfirm 1 week before the reservation date. The customer may also contact our company to reconfirm. The reservation will be canceled if our company is unable to contact the customer before the reservation date, and the customer will be required to pay a cancellation fee in accordance with our Cancellation Policy.

3. Cancellation Policy

If the customer cancels or changes the reservation, please contact us by phone.
As for cancellations between previous day and Same-day of reservation, except in unavoidable circumstances, we require cancellation fee as below.

100% of the total cost Previous day
50% of the total cost%

4. Privacy Policy

Management and Security of Personal Information;
Our company will take measures to securely and appropriately manage personal information. We will manage personal information on a server protected by a security system, and will endeavor to prevent the leakage or unauthorized access of personal information from external sources.

Approve of the contents above
* continuing to online reservation request form

As for Toyako restaurant, we currently only accept reservation by phone.

Approve of the contents above and make a reservation by phone 

Restaurant Hours ;

Our company’s business hours are listed in Japan Standard Time (JST), or UTC+9. The Customer must contact our company regarding reservations or cancellations during business hours.

Arashiyama +81-75 -881-1101 10:00~22:00 Every Wednesday
Year-End and New Year holidays(Dec. 26 - 31, Jan. 4 - 9)
HANA-Kitcho +81-75-531-1500 11:30~20:00 Every Wednesday
Year-End and New Year holidays(Dec. 28 - 31)
Granvia +81-75-342-0808 10:30~20:00 Open every day
Shokado +81-75-971-3311 10:30~19:00 Every Monday (If Monday is a public holiday, we will be closed the following day instead.)
Thursday afternoons and evenings
Year-End and New Year holidays (Dec. 27 - Jan. 6)
Nagoya +81-52-527-8888 11:30~21:00 Evening of Dec. 31 and all day Jan. 1(Building holidays)
Toyako +81-142-73-1156 11:30~20:00 Open every day