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【Privacy Policy】
Please refer to Privacy Policy for further detail.
Our company use the customers’ personal information to contact them for the purposes of providing quality service and replying to their inquiry.
Customers wishing to make a reservation must first check and approve this policy.
If you agree our Privacy Policy, please check the “Agree” checkbox below.
* As for Internship
We only accept interns when the applicant could find the guarantor who is acquainted with our executive chef: Tokuoka Kunio or ex executive chef: Tokuoka Koji, each other.
Besides, there are some conditions such that: our intern should work without any salaries and allowances, and they need to find their accommodation in Japan by themselves, etc.
If you can meet all these requirements above, please inquire here, clicking “Others” and “Personal” and filling a required fields.
In addition, on the section of Contents of Details, please record requests for the restaurant you would like to intern.

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