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Slow Food Kyoto LENTEZZA
Kyoto Kitcho

All About Slow Food, ~Salone del Gusto & Terra Madre~

2004 is the year of the Salone del Gusto.
The fifth edition of the Salone del Gusto<http://www.salonedelgusto.com/> will take place October 21 to 25, 2004, at Turin’s Lingotto Fiere exhibition center; an event that has by now achieved internationally renowned. The Salone del Gusto is organized by Slow Food and the Piedmont Region, with support from Lurisia, De Cecco, Lavazza, Parmigiano Reggiano and Hitachi.
As in previous years, the goal of the Salone is to bring together and promote excellence in the field of eno-gastronomy, but above all to transmit to the public the human and social aspects of this extraordinary agro-gastronomic patrimony. This year the Salone will focus on the people behind the products that give us so much pleasure to consume, whose skilled work is often overlooked and underappreciated.
Slow Food and the Piedmont Region, hoping that we can count on your presence at the Salone del Gusto 2004, would be happy to organize your participation in workshops and event and to help create occasions for reflection and moments of conviviality.

Food and Community
The Salone del Gusto, a biennial event now about to be staged for the fifth time, continues to grow in size and clout. A champion of artisan producers and a window on traditional foods from all over the world, it has now become a happening of truly international importance.
The Salone del Gusto is not a stagnant event: it evolves to reflect the developments within the Slow Food organization. Slow Food and the Piedmont Regional Government choose a word or phrase to characterize each edition. In 2000, it was Individuality, and the Salone presented 90 Presidia, tailored projects to assist the communities that produce artisan, traditional foods. In 2002, the theme was Knowledge, and the Salone organized a myriad of Taste Workshops, Food and Wine Forums, and opportunities for consumers to meet with producers to encourage a deeper understanding of what we eat.
In choosing the 2004 theme, Slow Food’s contemplated its own role as a movement dedicated toeco-gastronomy, aware that food is the expression of two fundamental elements: the land from which it arrives, and equally important, the communities of people who cultivate, transform, commercialize and prepare it.
This year, the expression we have chosen is Food Communities. It refers to everyone from the farmers of the Andes who cultivate indigenous potatoes to the cider producers of Somerset, England.
In short, people involved in all steps of food production will be at the Salone to represent their communities. The place to come face to face with these communities will be the market. Not just for simple monetary transactions, it will be a locus for meeting, talking, browsing, tasting and exchanging ideas; the center of the grandest Salone del Gusto to date.

2004 is the first year of the TERRA MADRE
World Meeting of Food Communities
Turin, 20-23 October 2004

An alternative to the current industrial food production system exists: one where food quality and variety are valued, rural regions thrive, and links between producers and consumers are strong.
Terra Madre established a forum for those who seek to grow, raise, catch, create, distribute and promote food in ways that respect the environment, defend human dignity and protect the health of consumers.
Terra Madre has been a gathering of an unprecedented scale, drawing 5000 people from dozens of nations. All participants were members of a 'Food Community' - which means they are part of a chain of production, linked by a common product, ethnic identity, region, history, or approach.
Terra Madre was conceived to rediscover the links that connect the primary producer to the vendor: the grain grower, the baker, and the bread shop.
Participants in Terra Madre met to exchange ideas and solutions about how to promote a healthy, dynamic, and diverse food system.
Terra Madre took place in Turin at Palazzo del Lavoro. The program included two days of plenary sessions and two days devoted to 61 theme meetings: the Earth Workshops.
(Quote from "The Slow Food Press release")

For this event, we are inviting Tokuoka Kunio of Arashiyama Kitcho, Japan and the most the best chefs from both parts of the world. We are talking about Tokuoka Kunio, chef at the Kitcho restaurant in Arashiyama, the most authoritative exponent of traditional Japanese cuisine in Kyoto. The Salone del Gusto will offer a unique opportunity to demonstrate his dishes, techniques and find out about his culture. The demonstration is expected to as the first chef who introduces the real Japanese Cuisine to Italy.

Tokuoka Kunio of Arashiyama Kitcho was formally invited to this event. I join him on his visit to Italy and cover him and event pretty extensively. I doubt the Japanese Cuisine will sit well with a Italian audience.


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