III Madrid Fusion 05 - I I I Cumbre Internacional de Gastronomía
January 18 – 20, 2005, Madrid

All-star line-up of chefs is gather in Madrid
Participation in the International Gastronomy Summit as
Japanese Cuisine

The Madrid Fusión - I I I Cumbre Internacional de Gastronomía (Third International Gastronomy Summit), which take place in Madrid Jan. 18- 20 at the Juan Carlos I Conference Center, more than lived up to its grand name. Tokuoka Kunio is happy to accept the invitation to this Summit as Japanese chef.

The motto of the third edition of the Summit is "An encounter between East and West" and director of Madrid Fusion said that we will focus our attention in the Japanese cuisine. For this purpose, we are inviting Tokuoka Kunio of Arashiyama Kitcho, Japan and the most the best chefs from both parts of the world.
We are talking about Tokuoka Kunio, chef at the Kiccho restaurant in Arashiyama, the most authoritative exponent of traditional Japanese cuisine in Kyoto. The Madrid Fusión will offer a unique opportunity to demonstrate his dishes, techniques and find out about his culture. The demonstration is expected to as the first chef who introduces the real Japanese Cuisine to Spain.
Those who have already confirmed their assistance to Madrid Fusion are such international culinary stars as Spain’s Ferran Adrià of El Bulli, considered the most innovative chef in the world; the revered Juan Mari Arzak, whose cooking at his Michelin three-rosette Arzak restaurant in San Sebastián spread the fame of Spanish Basque cuisine worldwide. Top Japanese chefs included Kunio Tokuoka, who riveted the attention of the Salone del Gusto held under the auspices of Slow Food at Trino, Italy, this Oct., with his “Dinner Date” on the artistry and benefits of Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine. Also representing the Japan as invited guests is Yukio Hattori, 5th President of the Harroti School of Nutrition, and Yuji Wakiya of Wakiya. Additionally Tetsuya Wakuda of Tetsuya’s in Sydney, Alex Atala of D.O.M in Brazil, Stefano Fontanesi of Hotel Dinarobin in Mauritius and Herve This of Francia in France as well as the Spanish chefs Martin Berasategui and Dani Garcia will attend and rub elbows with all participants.
For three days, Madrid will host the Madrid Fusión. This exciting event brings together the hottest internationally renowned chefs from around the globe and their techniques and sharing their exquisite culinary creations with cooking amateurs and professionals.

Tokuoka Kunio of Arashiyama Kitcho was formally invited to this event. I join him on his visit to Spain and cover him and event pretty extensively. I doubt the Japanese Cuisine will sit well with a Spanish audience.